Should I Fertilize in the Fall?

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We already reviewed why Autumn is the best season to seed your lawn, but did you know that it is also the best time to fertilize your garden and lawn? By fertilizing your lawn in the fall, you are strengthening its root systems and giving it the best chance to survive the winter and thrive in the spring. Learn the different kinds of fall grass fertilizers you can use in your lawn to set you up for success. 

Fertilize Your Lawn in the Fall with Organic Materials

Before the winter, you should consider enrichening your soil to improve the health of your plants’ and lawn’s root systems. You can create a blend that will improve your soil’s microbiome by adding nutritious composttopsoil,  mulch, and manure. Organic matter also further contributes to soil and plant health because it increases its water-holding capacity.

To apply, spread several inches of compost on top of the existing bed and then till it into the soil. You can also look into different liquid organic fertilizers such as seaweed-based fertilizer, compost tea, and more. Read the instructions carefully for the correct ratio because it can harm the plant’s structure if the fertilizer is overused due to its acidity levels.

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Use a Fall Grass Fertilizer

Winterizers are also a fantastic option to enrich your soil and plant health in the fall before the winter sets in, especially for lawns. Winterizer refers to a special fertilizer blend that is designed for lawn application from August through to the end of November. You should apply a winterizer when the grass is still green on top and active below the surface.

To apply it, use a fertilizer spreader for even coverage. Remember that a lawn winterizer is not meant to encourage growth, in the fall but to encourage its survival in the winter and rapid growth in the spring. You should look for a slow-release fall grass fertilizer that is rich in water-soluble nitrogen.

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