Should You Mow Your Lawn During the Winter?

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rush-1868254_1280Whether you’ve lived in your home for years or just recently purchased it, there are probably a few aspects of lawn care scratching your head. How should you take care of your lawn during the winter? Are there different recommended methods for lawns in different regions of the country? Let’s focus on one particular question that occurs to some homeowners— should you mow your lawn during the winter?

The Life Cycle of Grass

Before we give you the short answer, let’s talk about grass and what happens to it during the winter. Many people believe that grass dies during the winter, but in reality it simply goes dormant. The roots are still alive in the earth, keeping the blades alive and ready to respond when warmth returns. In fact, the grass keeps growing very, very slowly throughout the winter.

Your Yard and the Regional Differences

Grass reacts differently to cold weather depending on its area of the country. For example, lawn grass that grows west of the Cascades is actually more susceptible to cold weather than lawn grasses in Oregon’s colder regions on the other side of the mountains. Some of the weaker grasses may show leaf damage weeks after warm weather returns to the area.

In areas that suffer from severe cold winds, grass may actually die due to desiccation. The very roots of the grass become frozen and incapable of drawing up any water because of the harsh winds combined with the freezing temperatures. Check for damage like this on the tops of hills or crests and on slopes that are frequently buffeted by wind.

Even in warmer Southern states, frost can strike the grass and plants in your yard. Avoid walking on your grass when it is frozen, since you can break off the blades and cause extensive damage.

The Final Answer

There is no need to mow your grass during the winter. Doing so will not encourage growth or remove frost-damaged portions. On your last mowing of the season, cut the grass down by about a third when it is dry and leave the remaining two-thirds of the blade. This length with protect the roots during the cold months. When spring comes, make sure that the grass is nice and dry before mowing it the first time, or the moisture and mud may cause an uneven cut that damages new growth. If you need advice about when to fertilize and when to stop or start mowing your grass, just call the experts at Kurtz Bros., We’re glad to advise you and assist you with all your lawn care needs.

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