Small DIYs to Invite Birds and Bats to Your Backyard

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Though some people might consider them nuisances, birds and bats are actually great to have in your backyard. Birds are majestic creatures that can help clean up worms and grub from your yard. They also help tidy up your yard by picking up straw, twigs, and mower clippings to use in their nests. You might not love the sound of their chirping in the early morning hours, but these helpful little creatures also eat insects! Similarly, bats help improve the atmosphere in your backyard by eating the peskiest insects of all—mosquitoes. You might think they are disease ridden creatures, but that is a misconception. In fact, bats are actually very helpful to have in your yard. Seriously, they can eat more than 600 mosquitos an hour! 

If you’re wondering how to attract bats and birds to your yard and garden this summer, there are some easy DIY ways to do so. Keep reading to learn more about some small DIY projects to invite birds and bats to your backyard! 

Set Up a Fountain or Birdbath 

One thing that both birds and bats love—and need to thrive—is water. Both species need access to water and providing it can be as simple as setting up a birdbath. However, noisy water is best, which is why fountains are a better option. Moving water acts as a magnet to wild birds and will attract them from greater distances away. 

This is an extremely simple way to attract birds and bats to your yard. Simply purchase a birdbath and install it yourself on firm, flat ground. Or, you can get a bit more adventurous and purchase the landscaping materials necessary to build your own moving water fountain or pool. 

Start Composting 

Another way to attract bats and birds is through compost. Compost heaps are great for attracting the insects that bats and birds like to feed on. If the food sources are there, birds and bats will be there. Plus, there are plenty of other environmental benefits to composting, such as keeping food waste out of the landfill. In addition, composting creates a very rich plant fertilizer that can help your garden or landscape beds. While compost heaps are great for attracting bats and birds, the other benefits alone are a good enough reason to start!    

Build a Birdhouse 

Birds are very adept at building their own nests, birdhouses are still a great way to attract birds. One of the biggest reasons for building a birdhouse is that they provide year-round protection from the elements. During the winter, birds huddle together in birdhouses to stay warm. So, if you’re looking to attract and keep birds in your yard, building a birdhouse is a great way to do just that. 

Build a Bat House 

While bats can easily find habitats in nature, building a bat box is a great way to encourage them to stay in the area. Plus, building a bat box is a simple project that only takes a few sheets of plywood, some nails or screws, a drill, and a bit of time. There are plenty of plans available on the internet, and they can be placed in trees, affixed to posts, or attached to walls. One thing that is important to note, is to be sure you use a nontoxic wood to make the house and provide a rough surface instead of a nicely sanded one to make it easier for the bats to climb into. 

Plant Night-Blooming Flowers 

Another great way to attract bats to your yard is by planting night-blooming flowers. This will not only attract bats to your yard but will also provide another level of beauty in your yard. Some great options for night-blooming flowers are four-o’clock, moonflower, Datura, yucca, evening primrose, cleome, nicotiana, night-blooming water lily, and night-blooming jessamine.   

For those worried about planting flowers, it is a simple DIY project that only requires soil, seeds, gloves, a shovel, and a rake. Start by spreading the soil using the shovel and rake. Then, spread the seed according to the directions on the packet. This can get messy, so you might want to wear a good pair of gloves. Then, be sure to water according to the directions on the seed packet to ensure the plants have the water and nutrients necessary to thrive. 

Place Birdfeeders Around Your Yard 

Food is another way to attract birds to the area. That is why installing a birdfeeder is a perfect way to invite birds into the area. In order to find the most success, you should put birdfeeders in a variety of different places and feature different types of food. It is also important to try different types of feeding stations because different birds prefer different types. You will need hanging feeders for perching birds and a platform feeder for ground feeding birds. Suet feeders are also good for birds that like to eat insects. 

Provide Natural Habitat 

In the wild, birds and bats live in a wide variety of habitats. Different species prefer different habitats, which is why having a great variety on your property is a good way to increase the chances of attracting bats and/or birds. Be sure that you have grass and ground cover, shrubs between 2 and 5 feet tall, small trees less than 15 feet tall, and large trees up to 40 feet tall. This wide variety will appeal to different types of birds and bats. When selecting trees and bushes to plant, you should also consider ones that produce natural sources of food. This includes foliage and trees that produce fruits, nuts, sap, nectar, berries, and nesting materials. Also, be sure to select trees that are dense enough to support nests, but also allow free movement between branches. Evergreen trees are a great choice! 

Turn to Kurtz Bros., With Your Landscaping and Yard Project Needs This Summer 

If you are looking to attract birds and bats to your yard, Kurtz Bros., can help! We provide quality landscaping materials and tools. Whether you’re looking to build a fountain our plant trees to serve as natural bird and bat habitats, trust Kurtz Bros., Contact us today or stop in to view our extensive array of landscaping materials, tools, and equipment. 

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