Sports Turf is a Real Winner!

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Are you in the market for sports turf? Perhaps you’re involved in the creation of a new park for your community, complete with baseball fields and other areas for sports and activities. Maybe your family owns a lot of land, and you’d like to make your very own baseball diamond in an open field so that your loved ones and friends can enjoy playing together.  Find out what your options are for sports turf and other supplies.

Natural Field Turf

Large parts of your athletic field are going to be covered with grass. This grass is going to see fairly high traffic from players, so you’ll want to ensure that you choose a hardy kind that works well in your climate zone and thrives in full sun. Kurtz Bros. sells a variety of grass seed mixes, so you’re sure to find something that suits both your needs and your budget. You’ll simply need to ensure that the grass is kept clear of debris and mowed short enough to play on.

Artificial Sports Turf

If you’d prefer to avoid extra maintenance, you can opt for artificial sports turf. This type of turf comes with its own challenges and maintenance needs. You’ll to rinse it about once a week, and once a month you should gently remove any debris with a broom or a flexible rake. Grooming the field with a broom or brush keeps the artificial turf looking upright and lush. While artificial sports turf looks good and doesn’t develop bare spots, it also doesn’t have the same bounce or permit the same slides as genuine, natural grass.

The Bare Necessities

Whether you’re designing a race track, a running track, or a baseball field, you’re going to have specific areas that are bare, without any grass. Often these are called “skinned” areas. You don’t want dirt there, because the grass will quickly encroach that space, destroying the structure of your field. That’s why you’ll need a combination of sand, silt, and clay that allows drainage but discourages grass from taking hold.

At Kurtz Bros., we supply a variety of products that serve your need for resilient skinned areas. Our selections include custom blends like KB FastDry Mar-co and ProSlide, as well as clay track surfacers. We can provide you with the clay mix, topdressers, and fortifiers you need to create the pitcher’s mound and other areas of the field. For example, our KB Infield Mix is a high-quality blend of natural clays, silts, and sand, designed to hold moisture in some areas while allowing effective drainage for an infield that is correctly graded.

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