Spring Lawn Care To-Do List

Apr 26, 2018 | Landscape Supply, Uncategorized

Have you noticed your lawn perking up as the weather warms? As spring really takes hold, you’ll feel more like getting outdoors, enjoying the fresh air, and giving your yard some much-needed TLC after the rigors of winter. Check out the items on the Kurtz Bros. spring lawn care to-do list; then get busy preparing your lawn for upcoming summer fun.  

  1. Eliminate Debris.

Grab a rake, or buy one from the Kurtz Bros. tools section of our website, and start ridding your yard of twigs, leaves, and other bits of debris that may have drifted onto it during the cold months. Dispose of the yard waste as dictated by your town or city, or add the waste to your own compost bin. Place any trash items like paper or bottles in the garbage or recycling bin.  

  1. Aerate the Soil.

Using a manure fork or similar sturdy fork, or a motorized aerator, punch 3-inch-deep holes in the earth all over your front yard and back yard. Soil tends to become hard and compacted over time, which makes it difficult for moisture and nutrients to get it. By aerating the soil, you’ll encourage more lush lawn growth. 

  1.  Fill in the Bare Spots.

Last summer, you probably noticed some bare patches on your lawn. Spring is the perfect time to add soilreseed those spots, and ensure that fresh grass fills them in, leaving your lawn unblemished for summertime.  

  1. Fertilize the Grass.

It’s a good idea to fertilize around the same time that you do your reseeding. Use compost or a fertilizer that’s designed to address your soil’s particular needs.  

  1. Take Stock of Your Tools.

Think ahead to the landscaping and gardening you plan to do over the summer. What tools from last year are still functional? Do you need to replace any? How well is your mower working? If it’s not efficient for addressing your lawn care needs, consider buying a new one or assigning the regular mowing to a landscaping service.  

  1. Start Watering Early.

The sooner your lawn gets a good, deep drink, the sooner it will feel like greening up again. Begin watering every day, especially if you’ve just aerated, reseeded, and fertilized your lawn. Depending on the type of seed you used, you may need to water twice a day for a week to ensure that the seeds sprout. After that, you can scale back the watering schedule. 

  1. Mulch Your Trees and Shrubs.

Apply a generous layer of mulch, about 2-3 inches thick, around the base of your ornamental shrubs, trees, plants, and perennials. Leave a little space between the trunks or stems and the mulch. With the mulch in place, your plants and trees will be better protected against soil temperature changes, weeds, and pests. 

If you need additional ideas for spring lawn care, or if you’d like to purchase supplies and tools, just contact the experts at Kurtz Bros., We’re always glad to offer guidance, suggest products, or serve your landscaping needs.  

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