Ten Must-See Landscaping Ideas for Bagged River Rock

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More polished and much bigger than other kinds of rocks we sell, our bagged river rock can be used for more than filling in around shrubs. You can stack them, use them to decrease erosion, build a retaining wall, or fill in empty land for a colorful patch of stone. River rocks are a beautiful, versatile landscaping option for your garden. Learn how to best utilize them for your garden.

What is a River Rock?

River rocks are rocks that have been submerged in moving water for so long that they’ve been smoothed, rounded, and semi-polished. River rocks can be found on beaches, in streams, and in rivers. These rocks feature a wide range of shapes and colors, bringing out their natural beauty. They’re usually 1 to 2 inches but can vary in size. Water-polished stones will do wonders for your landscape, from controlling erosion to adding texture to a walking path. We offer the following river rock options:

Landscaping Ideas for Bagged River Rock

Most people who have these kinds of rocks on their land don’t know how to make use of them. Don’t worry, we can guide you on how to make the most of these beautiful stones. Here are ten must-see landscaping ideas for bagged river rocks.

  • Stack one rock on top of the other to create beautiful mosaics, designs, and formations. This will help give your garden some personality.
  • Accentuate your fire pit with bagged river rocks. Stack rocks on top of each other while rotating the stones into a circular dome. Then use plaster or cement to stabilize the rocks in place.
  • Place river rocks at the bottom of your water features. A waterfall or fountain is already beautiful, but to give it a polished look, try to incorporate bagged river rock at the base.
  • Turn river stones into steppingstones or cobblestone steps. For this design, you might need to imbed your rocks into the ground so that they are stable when stepping on them. Line a pathway from your garden to wherever you want the pathway to lead.
  • Use bagged river rock for landscape edging. Line the outside of your garden or pathways with rocks to give it a clean finished look. This can also help with erosion.

Other Garden Uses for River Rocks

  • Spice up your garden beds with river rocks for an added dose of texture. River rocks help prevent erosion and offer various colors and sizes to make your plants stand out in the landscape.
  • Put them at the base of a flagpole. This will help to make your flagpole look more presentable and dignified.
  • Place bagged river rocks around or under Adirondack chairs. Having a little patio of rocks with reclining chairs will make your garden look peaceful and relaxing.
  • Make a stream pond out of rocks. Nothing is more soothing than a low trickle of water. Dig up a hole in the ground, line the hole with a tarp, and place your river rocks in for an elegant-looking pond.
  • Make an accent wall of stone. Some people’s houses have hills or rolling landscapes in their backyard. To utilize this space, build a stone wall or place stones going up the side. Some people take part of the hill out to incorporate this timeless landscaping design. If erosion has been a struggle for your garden, river rocks are an excellent tool to keep your soil and plants in place in areas with heavy runoff or on steep hills.

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