The Best Insects for Lawn Health

Apr 9, 2020 | Landscape Supply, Uncategorized

We all know that some insects are bad for your lawn and garden. They eat the tender blades of grass, munch on plant leaves, and generally wreck the health and the appearance of your outdoor space. But what about the good kinds of bugs, the ones who actually improve the quality of your lawn? Let’s talk about the best insects for lawn health and how you can encourage them to settle into your outdoor area.


For those of us with arachnophobia, this is a tough one, but bear with us. Spiders prey on many of the insects that are harmful to your grass and plants, so having them around can actually improve the health of your lawn.

If you’re aiming for a delightfully lush lawn and you don’t plan to run around in it barefoot, spiders are great to have around. You don’t have to do much to encourage them; they’ll settle in wherever there is adequate grass cover and some twiggy bits to spin webs on.


Okay, you don’t want the fire ants, but the regular black ants are actually beneficial to your lawn. They act as a cleanup crew, and their presence within the grass and the ground can actually benefit soil consistency, providing additional aeration.


Beetles of all kinds are great to have around. They’re a bit less creepy and crawly than the spiders and ants—in fact, certain varieties like the ladybug can be quite beautiful, in a way. Beetles munch on the harmful soft-bodied insects that cause damage to your grass, so they act as natural predators to eliminate those pests.

Growing flowering plants and herbs like geraniums, cosmos, fennel, yarrow, tansy, cilantro, and dill can be instrumental in attracting ladybugs and other beneficial beetles to your yard.


Yes, bees can be a little disconcerting, buzzing around as they do, but they are also wonderful for the health of your landscape. They often eat smaller parasitic or soft-bodied insects, the ones you don’t want around. And they help you out by pollinating the flowers, fruits, and vegetables you may have planted in your front yard or back garden.

If you’d like to attract honey bees, plant vivid flowers with yellow, white, purple, or blue blooms, preferably those with rings of single petals since those are easier for bees to access.

Besides encouraging the best insects for lawn health, remember to stock up on other key lawn care supplies, like fertilizer, compost, and grass seed from Kurtz Bros., Inc., so you can ensure that your outdoor space looks good throughout the spring and summer.

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