Themed Backyard Parties for Summer

Jun 4, 2020 | Landscape Supply, Uncategorized

Summer is finally here, and it’s time to party! Here’s our list of top themed backyard parties for summer. With these fun events, your outdoor space will be the most popular party zone around!

Tropical Getaway Backyard Party

Who doesn’t long for a tropical escape? Bring the rainforest or your favorite island getaway right into your backyard! The way to get this party started is with vivid shades of green, aqua elements, and coral accents. Feature coconut-themed desserts and serve up refreshing tropical-themed drinks, along with a menu that’s reminiscent of seaside resort fare.

Lobster Bake or Seafood Boil Party for Summer

A lobster bake or seafood boil is a great way to gather everyone together. For this backyard summer party, the food becomes the star of the show. Everyone will cheer when you pour out that glorious mix of delicious ingredients, whether you’re doing a Southern-style seafood boil or a Maine Lobster bake.

For this themed backyard party for summer, keep the decor simple and nautical, with hints of ocean blue, navy, and white. Glass jars with a little sand and a few seashells inside, paired with twinkle lights, can provide the right ambiance.

Fiesta in the Backyard

The heat and spice of Mexican food is perfect for backyard party in the summertime. Whether you’re donning colorful sombreros or bringing out the maracas for an impromptu singalong, this gathering is sure to be a hit with your friends.

Incorporate lots of bright colors, like red, blue, orange and yellow. Melamine plates with bright geometric patterns can offer a starting point for your color palette. Be sure to offer both spicy and mild options that will suit all your guests. And of course, don’t forget the authentic cuisine!

Backyard Garden Party for Summer

If you want to host something a little more elegant, why not have an afternoon tea in your backyard? Tiny vases or pots filled with delicate flowers, or perhaps an array of succulents or miniature trees will make perfect centerpieces.

Bring out your favorite china or purchase vintage pieces from local thrift stores. An eclectic collection of unique teacups will double as tea receptacles and conversation pieces. And don’t forget an array of finger sandwiches and tiny cakes!

Backyard Barbecue Summer Party

This is the classic American gathering, tried and true and lots of fun! It’s traditional to grill hamburgers, hot dogs, steaks, or bratwurst at a party like this, but it doesn’t have to be all about the meat. Veggie burgers, tofu hot dogs, potatoes, squash, and corn can find their way onto the grill too!

For the decor, stick with warm, comforting color palettes like deep blue and amber, or red and white, or green and yellow. You can keep it fairly casual, with paper plates and plastic cups, or go all out with an al fresco tablescape and fine dinnerware. Have some lawn games set out so adults and kids can stay occupied while waiting for the food to be ready.

Remember, if your outdoor space needs a facelift before the party, Kurtz Bros., Inc. has everything you need, including tools, supplies, plants, decorative stone, and more. Browse our website or give us a call to order supplies and receive advice from the lawn care experts!

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