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If you’re going to be a DIYer, you need a good collection of basic tools. Whether you’re creating planters, laying pavers, crafting a bench, or experimenting with raw materials, your tools are your best friends for those special projects. Check out our list of the top tools that every do-it-yourself fan should have!

The Perfect Handsaw

You need a good, all-around handsaw. Purchase one with a sharp blade and an easy-to-grip handle. Check for teeth that are ground with multiple faces and hardened for extra durability. As your projects become more complex, consider adding implements like a circular saw and jigsaw.

A Spacing Tool

Need something to help you figure out the precise spacing for outdoor hooks or hanging planters? Try a special point-to-point spacing tool. It looks a little like an accordion, and it’s a real time-saver when you have a big project going.

Geared Lopper

Do you find yourself pruning and lopping frequently? Make quick work of those bushes and trees on your property with the help of a geared lopper. Look for a version that includes a gear system right in the hinge, because that design takes much of the effort out of the task. You’ll be able to work faster, as well.

High-Quality Shovels

Get yourself a nice round mouth shovel with a pointed tip. You’ll find it useful for lifting, scooping, and digging, no matter what your latest project may be. If you’re digging a trench, consider adding a narrow trench shovel to your collection. To identify a shovel’s quality, listen for a ringing sound when you tap it against something hard.

A Hammer

A good hammer is a no-brainer. Don’t skimp on this tool, because it’s going to be a staple of many projects. Invest in a top-quality hammer with stellar reviews from other users.

Vise Grip or Adjustable Pliers

You can use a quality pair of adjustable pliers to cut wires, clamp things together, and hammer things down. They can also act as a ratchet or wrench. Basically, this one is a MacGyver-style must-have for your DIY toolkit.

Tape Measure and Level 

A flexible tape measure ensures that you can get a precise measurement whenever you need it. A level ensures that your shelves, planters, pavers, and other projects are straight and even.

An Electric Drill

Look for a cordless drill that lets you get the right angle without worrying about wires. Make sure it’s a multi-use type that can drill holes, insert screws, and accept attachments for paint-stirring, sanding, and grinding.

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