Traditional Mulch and Alternative Choices

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With spring on its way, it’s time to think about the health and appearance of your flowerbeds. Discover the purpose of mulch as well as some alternatives to traditional mulches.

Standard Mulch

Standard mulch is basically a collection of shredded bark and wood chips that gardeners spread around the base of plants and bushes. It shields the roots of plants from the hot sun, keeps weeds at bay, and holds moisture in the soil. If you’re interested in traditional mulch, you can obtain it in the quantity you need from Kurtz Bros. Keep in mind that darker mulches retain more heat, so if you live in a hot zone, you may want to try something with a lighter color.

Rocks, Pebbles, and Gravel

If you’re tired of traditional wood-based mulch, you can try alternatives, such as rock mulch. River rocks, gravel, and pebbles are eye-catching and interesting when they are applied around plants. Keep in mind that this type of mulch doesn’t decompose gradually and add nutrients to the earth, so you’ll need to use a bit of extra fertilizer. The rocks also retain heat, making them ideal for cooler climates.

Cocoa Hulls

Are you looking for a mulch alternative that enriches the soil? Try cocoa hulls. They smell delightful and chocolaty, and they add helpful nutrients to the soil as they decompose. However, if your yard has a moisture problem, they might mold. It can also be difficult to keep them in place if your area is subject to strong winds.

Grass Clippings

Another natural type of eco-friendly mulch is the grass clippings from your lawn. Grass clippings are free, and they definitely benefit the soil as they decompose. However, the grass bits won’t discourage weeds, and they might mold if they are applied too thickly. Clippings are not as attractive as other types of mulch, and they must be reapplied frequently.

Rubber Mulch

If you’re interested in a synthetic yet sustainable option, rubber mulch may be right for you. Its uniform, attractive appearance is appealing to some homeowners. Made of 100% recycled rubber, this kind of mulch reclaims material and puts it to good use again. It insulates the soil, drains well, and forms an effective barrier against fungi and weeds.

Other types of mulch include peat moss, pine needles, leaves, straw, or sawdust. Contact Kurtz Bros. today to order the right kind of mulch for your needs.

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