Urban Garden Ideas

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When you live in the city, you may not have the option of a sprawling plot of rich earth where you can plant flowers, vegetables, and other growing things. Instead, you have to make do with the bit of land that you have. Fortunately, there are a myriad of exciting ways to plant an urban garden, no matter how much or how little space you have.

Urban Gardening with Outdoor Wall Space

Is there absolutely no dirt anywhere near your home in which you could grow some plants? Don’t despair! Bolt some rods to an outside wall, preferably one made of brick, stone, or concrete. From those rods, hang buckets or pots in fun colors or a coordinating palette. Fill the pots or buckets with gardening soil, insert seeds, and presto! You have yourself an urban garden. You can grow all kinds of things in hanging pots, from flowers to herbs and small vegetables.

Urban Gardening with a Concrete Patio

Maybe you have a decently sized outdoor area, but it’s primarily concrete. Your patio can also serve as your garden with a few creative tweaks. Set a long, narrow bench at one side of the patio and place some wooden boxes along it. You could also use clay pots or tin pails. A few bags of Worm Dirt Topsoil from Kurtz Bros., and you’re ready to start planting some seeds! Store gardening tools and other outdoor supplies in boxes under the bench. You could also skip the bench and place large urns or flowerpots directly on the patio.

Urban Gardening with Zero Outdoor Space

What if you have no soil, no patio, and no outdoor wall on which to hang planters? There is still a way that you can have a garden! You can invest in a hydroponics system or purchase some grow lights to help your garden thrive indoors. Try growing cilantro, basil, kale, chard, and spinach indoors. These leafy plants look amazing as a part of your decor, and they are also tasty and healthy. If you plan to grow your garden entirely indoors, start it from seeds so you don’t bring any diseases or pests into your home.

For all your outdoor or indoor gardening needs, contact Kurtz Bros., We have the soil, decorative rocks, mulch, and other supplies you need. We also offer an urban garden design package in which we create a garden that meets your needs, complete with wooden pallet planters, seeds, and more.

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