Waste Management for Your DIY Home Renovation

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When you’re renovating your bathroom, creating a more open layout for your home, upgrading your landscape, or installing new kitchen cupboards, the old stuff has to come out before the new stuff can go in. What should you do with all the broken bits of wood, the old cabinets, the stone or bricks, or the discarded bathroom tiles? Discover solutions for waste management for your home renovation, whether you’re upgrading your own space or flipping a house to re-sell.  

Roll-Off Containers for Small Projects 

Kurtz Bros., rents out roll-off containers so you can easily dispose of the debris from your home renovation. We’ll deliver the container to you and pick it up after one week. Our smallest option is the 10 cubic yard model, which is 12 feet long, 7 feet wide, and 3.5 feet high. It’s typically ideal for minor roofing jobs and for small home renovation projects. It’s the perfect size for most residential driveways, and you should have ample space in the container for the debris from your project.  

Roll-Off Containers for Mid-Size Remodels 

If you need something larger, try the 20 cubic yard roll-off container. This unit has plenty of space for debris from large projects, so it’s ideal for a basement remodel, a bathroom remodel, or a kitchen renovation. If you’re replacing, windows, siding, and roofing, you’ll need the extra space that this model provides.  

Roll-Off Containers for Big Renovations 

When you need to completely clean out a larger home or gut it for renovation purposes, you’ll want to rent a 30 cubic yard roll-off container. If the debris being put in the container is very heavy, such as stone, soil, concrete, or bricks, be sure that the load doesn’t fill more than 75% of the container. For lighter or medium-weight items, ensure that the debris isn’t piled higher than the top of the container.  

Wood Container 

If you’re disposing of a lot of wood that’s clean and uncontaminated, you can rent a special wood container from Kurtz Bros. Any wood or lumber, wood scraps, natural wood pallets, crates, or end-cut lumber can be added to this container. No pressed wood, particle board, stumps, treated or painted wood, or contaminated wood should be included.  

Debris Drop-Off 

You can drop off certain types of debris at the Kurtz Bros. Reclamation Facility, located at 950 Valley Belt Road in Brooklyn Heights, Ohio. We accept materials such as metal, finished or rough wood, bricks, concrete blocks, plaster, and ceiling tiles. We can take window frames with or without glass, plumbing pipes, roof materials, wiring, fixtures, stone, rock, and insulation. However, we cannot accept furniture, bedding, appliances, or auto parts; those items should be donated to your local thrift store. In addition, we can’t take any paper, fuel or oil, propane tanks, solid waste, hazardous waste, oil-soaked wood, trash, or regulated Asbestos. Contact us at 216-986-7035 if you have questions about construction debris drop-off 

Driveway Projects 

Are you moving or resurfacing a driveway or paved area? Did you know that asphalt and concrete can be used in recycled aggregate? Rather than shoveling all that material into the dumpster, let Kurtz Bros. know about your project so we can turn that discarded concrete and asphalt into road base material, sub base for patios and walkways, or filling for utility trenches.  

More Recycling and Re-Use Possibilities 

If you have a really big project underway, or you’re planning to start one soon, get in touch with Kurtz Bros., to find out more about our program for construction and demolition recycling. We’ll come to your site, check out the materials, and determine what can be recycled.  

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