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Are you planning a new planting or seeding project for the spring? If so, you’ll need to choose the right materials from soil and seeds to fertilizer and tools. When it comes to determining what fertilizer is best for your project, there are many things to consider. From seeding a new lawn to patching a lawn or plating a new landscaping bed, every project has different needs when it comes to nutrients. Even the season and type of climate can impact what fertilizer your project needs. Thankfully, the experts at Kurtz Bros., are here to break down the top fertilizer products and what each is best for.

5% Treflan Herbicide

If you are looking to suppress weedy grasses and broadleaf weeds
in your garden or lawn, you should utilize 5%
Treflan Herbicide. The active ingredient in 5%
Treflan Herbicide is Trifluralin, which is a selective pre-emergence herbicide
that prevents weeds from even germinating. This product is best applied in
early spring before planting but can be applied up to three weeks before you
plant. You can also apply 5% Treflan Herbicide in the fall before the first
frost to control the weeds in the spring.

Purpose [19-19-19]

Purpose 19-19-19
fertilizer is another product
offered by Kurtz Bros., This product can be used on trees, shrubs, and
lawns. It is a quick release fertilizer that is often used as a seed started or
for hydro mulching purposes. This product can be installed any time of year and
has all of the nutrients that make it a “cure all” fertilizer for various
projects. It can be used in the spring or as a winterizer and is designed to thicken
and strengthen turf. A 50-pound bag will cover 9,500 sq. f.t and can be
delivered right to your doorstep!

Purpose [12-12-12]

Another all-purpose fertilizer is the All
Purpose [12-12-12]
. A 50-pound bag of this fertilizer
will cover 6,000 sq. f.t and is typically one of the least expensive
fertilizers. That does not mean it lacks in quality, though, as the All Purpose
[12-12-12] fertilizer is great for lawns, trees, shrubs, and even gardens. It
contains a balance of nutrients for added greening power and is also designed
to help disease resistance. Keep in mind that All Purpose [12-12-12] should not
be installed in drought conditions, and should not be reapplied any sooner than
4 weeks after the prior application.  

TurfCare Starter

For those who are starting a new lawn this spring, the TurfCare
Starter Fertilizer
is your best option for a
fertilizer. Turf Care is a trusted brand name that offers quality products. The
TurfCare Starter Fertilizer is a slow-release fertilizer that achieves best
results when applied to newly seeded or sodded grass. You will want to water
the turf soon after application and avoid mowing immediately after. To prevent
runoff, be sure not to apply before a heavy rain or to frozen ground.

TurfCare [Step 1]

In addition to offering a high-quality starter fertilizer, Turf
Care also offers a 4 step fertilizer process that will keep your lawn looking
vibrant and weed-free all year long. The first product in the lineup is the TurfCare
[Step 1] Pre-Emergent
. This is a slow release fertilizer
used as a pre-emergent herbicide for preventing crabgrass. It is designed to be
applied during the spring between March 15th and May 1st.  

TurfCare [Step 2] Weed
& Feed

The second step in the TurfCare process is the Weed
& Feed fertilizer
. This product is also slow release
and is blended with Trimec broadleaf weed killer, which is a post-emergent.
This will not only fight any weeds that pop up, but it will also provide the
nutrients your grass needs to stay healthy. This product should be applied
between May 1st and July 1st using a hand or push
spreader to ensure even application.

TurfCare [Step 3] All
Purpose Greener

If your lawn dries out and browns during the summer months, you
need the All
Purpose Green from TurfCare
. This summer fertilizer is
specifically designed to prevent your lawn from burning to keep it plush and
green even during the dry summer months. Its optimal blend of nutrients is just
what your lawn needs. This should be applied between July 1st and
September 1st for optimal results.

TurfCare [Step 3] Grub

If your lawn is frequented by grub, you will definitely want to
apply the TurfCare
Grub Preventor
. This is typically combined with the
All Purpose Greener from TurfCare and can be applied during the late spring and
early summer months. It’s important to spread this separate from the All
Purpose Greener to achieve the best results. A 50-pound bag will cover up to
14,200 square feet and you can use a hand or push spreader to apply.  

TurfCare [Step 4]

During the harsh winter months, lawns have to deal with frigid
temperatures, heavy packed snow, and a lack of sunlight. That is why applying a
quality Winterizer like
the one TurfCare offers is absolutely essential. This slow release formula has
the nutrients your lawn needs to combat the turmoils of winter. It can be
applied anywhere between September 1st and November 15th,
but should not be spread until you’ve raked up the last of your leaves.

Call Kurtz Bros.,
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When it comes to choosing the right fertilizer, having an
expert’s opinion is always a good idea. At Kurtz Bros., Inc., we
have just that. Our knowledgeable in-house staff can work with you to determine
what fertilizer is best for your yard or project. Whether you’re patching your
lawn, planting new landscaping or garden beds, or seeding a new lawn, the
professional landscape experts at Kurtz Bros., will help you through the
process. From essential supplies to choosing the right fertilizer to make your
project succeed, you can trust Kurtz Bros., for all of your landscape
needs. Stop in today or give
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