What Fruit Trees Grow Best in Ohio?

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Do you ever drive down the road and see a small fruit stand and wonder if it’s possible to have homegrown fruit of your own? If you’re craving fresh fruit that you don’t have to pay for, there’s good news! The climate in Ohio is actually well-suited for growing fruit trees. Many fruit trees require a period of dormancy each year, and the cold Ohio winters provide the cold temperatures necessary to establish a dormant period. Whether you are located in Southern Ohio, which is in Climate Zone 6 or Northern Ohio, which is in Climate Zone 5, planting fruit trees at your home is entirely possible with the right supplies.

What You Need to Know Before Getting Started

There are a few things that you need to know before getting started with your fruit trees. First, is to determine which size tree is adequate for your home. Dwarf fruit trees typically only reach 10 feet tall and are easiest to harvest. These are a good option for first timers.

It is also important to remember that fruit trees require a bit more maintenance and care than non-fruit bearing trees. You will need to ensure you have the right soil type, apply fertilizer annually, maintain proper pest control, and also prune fruit trees to allow them access to open sunlight. In addition, you will also need to harvest your fruit from the tree—which is the fun part! —but you also have to be sure to clear the fruit from the bottom of the tree to avoid a mess.

Apple Trees

Is there anything better than the smell of fresh apple crisp or apple pie baking in the oven? Apples and cinnamon are a scent that is associated with fall and comfort and luckily, Ohio is a great climate for planting apple trees. This means that you can grow them right in your backyard and skip the long lines at the apple picking orchards. Keep in mind that most apple trees do not produce fruit the first year and typically only produce small fruits for the first couple of years after planting.

When selecting a location for your apple tree, you need to ensure there is well-drained and fertile soil. These types of fruit trees also need full sun. To plant your apple tree, first, use a garden tiller to break up the soil. You can add peat moss, compost, or manure to the existing soil before planting if you want to provide an extra boost of nutrients. You will dig a three-foot-deep hole to plant your tree and then backfill with soil. Once planted, apple trees should be watered every other week unless there is a drought, in which case, you should water weekly.

Peach & Nectarine Trees

Is there a more iconic summer fruit than peaches? This juicy fruit is delicious and refreshing, and you can actually grow it right in your own backyard!

Planting peach trees is fairly easy if you choose a spot that is full sun with nutrient-dense soil. You will first break up the soil with a tiller and add some organic matter to the soil if you want to. Then dig a three-foot hole and lower the transplant from the nursery into it. Transplants are easier to grow than trees that start from seed, so keep that in mind. These trees need a lot of water, so be sure to water them twice a week unless there is good rainfall.

Nectarine trees are also a great choice of fruit tree for Ohio. These trees have the same basic requirements as peach trees when it comes to soil, sunshine, and watering. When harvesting these fruits, pick them from the tree when it is a light pink or cream color because the fruit will continue to ripen after it is picked.

Plum Trees

There are three types of plum trees, but only European plums are ideally suited for the climate in Ohio. European plums include Green Gage, Fellenberg, and Stanley plums.

The good news is that plum trees are easy to plant, especially if bought as a transplant from your local nursery. Simply break up the soil, mix in some organic material to ensure a nutrient-packed soil, and plant the tree in a 3-foot-deep hole. These trees do require full sun, fertile soil, and regular watering, so keep that in mind!

What is a Good Location for Fruit Trees?

When planting fruit trees it is essential that you choose a good location. Ohio is an ideal climate for apple, peach, plum, and nectarine trees, but you still need to ensure that they are planted in an ideal environment in your yard.

Be sure that there is good soil drainage in the area as well as good air circulation. Trees should not be planted too deep either, with the graft union of the tree sticking 4 to 5 inches out of the ground.

You will also need to choose a location that has full sun, which is six to eight hours per day. Minimal wildlife intrusion is also important, as this will eliminate the risk of animals grabbing your harvest!

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If you are interested in planting fruit trees in Ohio, Kurtz Bros., can help! We sell the gardening equipment and supplies that you will need to ensure they grow healthy and provide a good bounty every year. From shovels and soil to mulch and pruning shears, Kurtz Bros., has just what you need to get started and properly maintain your fruit trees year-round. Stop into one of our stores or give a call today to learn more!

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