What Is a Hardscape?

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Have you ever heard of a hardscape? You probably already have one— you just didn’t know it. Discover the applications of a hardscape to your property and find out how you can be on trend with hardscape design.

Inanimate Landscaping

Within the realm of landscaping, there are two separate categories. One is the softscape, which consist of living elements like your grass, shrubs, trees, and plants. The other is the hardscape, which refers to anything inanimate that is part of your landscaping. The path leading up to your front door, the patio or deck out back, and the river rocks lining your flowerbeds.

Typical hardscape materials include brick, stone, metal, and concrete. Wood is also considered a hardscape material, because even though it was once part of a living tree, it is now inanimate.

Common Hardscape Projects

Do you need a stone retaining wall constructed for your property? That’s a hardscape project. How about a brick patio or a tiled area for your outdoor kitchen? Perhaps you’ve been wanting to erect a wooden or wrought-iron fence, or install a gazebo. All of these are hardscape projects. To get the best value for your money, you’ll need a landscaper that isn’t only about softscapes like grass and plant beds. You’ll need someone that excels at hardscaping as well, including masonry, bricklaying, woodwork, and fence-building.

Hardscaping Trends

If you want to impress your guests this spring and summer, you need to stay current with the latest hardscaping trends. Among the trends for this year are some re-imagined classics, such as the semi-circle outdoor fire pit. Large water features are another celebrated trend, thanks to their relaxing, stress-relieving vibe.

When you plan to create a patio or other outdoor living space, make sure you get creative with the pavers, tiles, or bricks. Talk to your landscaper about unique patterns and colors that give your outdoor area extra visual interest and elegance. For example, the “faux rug” look is hot right now. We’re also seeing a rise in popularity for upgraded driveways and fiberglass pools.

Supplies and Accessories For all your hardscaping supplies, visit the Kurtz Bros., website. We’ve got the materials you need to get your hardscape in shape for summertime use. From pavers and edging to natural stone and adhesives, you’ll find everything you require to turn that outdoor space into the envy of all your friends and neighbors.

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