Where Is the Best Spot for Your Fire Pit?

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There’s nothing quite so delightful as the scent of wood smoke wafting through crisp fresh air. If you’re eager to enjoy more of that fragrance and ambiance, you may be wanting a fire pit on your property. But where is the best spot for your fire pit? A number of factors are involved in fire pit placement, such as safety, stability, and convenience—all crucial to giving you the best fire pit experience.


The first thing to consider when you are planning the spot for your fire pit is safety. At minimum, the fire pit should be at least ten feet away from your house, and ten feet from any outbuildings, fences, or neighbors’ yards. There should be no nearby structures such as birdhouses, swing sets, trees, shrubs, woodpiles, or low-hanging branches, since all of those things pose a significant fire risk.

Though ten feet is the minimum requirement, many experts suggest placing the fire pit 20-25 feet away from all such structures and hazards, since high winds can cause sparks to blow fairly far. You will also need to check your local ordinances and community guidelines to ensure that open fires and fire pits are allowed in your neighborhood. It’s also a good idea to inform your home insurance company about the installation of the fire pit, so you can make any necessary changes to your policy.


Whether you’re creating it from stone or purchasing a metal version, a fire pit is a rather heavy outdoor fixture. You’ll want to be sure that you place it in an area where the ground is solid and level. Solid packed earth will provide the support and foundation you need for the fire pit, while a good level surface will keep the pit from tilting gradually with continued use.

In addition, make sure that you do not place the fire pit in a spot where rainwater tends to run off. The flow of the rainwater could gradually erode the ground and cause your new fire pit to become unstable or damaged.


Beyond safety and stability, there’s another important consideration when it comes to fire pit placement. You want to be sure that you put the fire pit in a spot that’s convenient to your home and lifestyle. If it’s too far from your home, you might find yourself using it less often. The fire pit should be reasonably close to your house while maintaining a safe distance. That way, you’ll be able to quickly and easily fetch things you need for yourself, your family members, and your guests—things like cozy blankets, mugs of hot chocolate, or skewers for roasting marshmallows.


The final consideration for fire placement is aesthetics. You want to be sure it’s positioned in a spot that’s visually pleasing, where its presence balances or enhances the overall look of your outdoor space. For more information on fire pit installation, and for the stone, sand, and other supplies you’ll need to build your own, visit the Kurtz Bros., website, or contact us anytime. We provide complete fire pit kits to make the job even easier!

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