Where to Buy Quality Mulch: Tips for Homeowners

May 29, 2024 | Mulch


Welcome to Kurtz Bros Landscape Supply in Ohio. We’re known for top-notch landscaping and gardening products. With 70 years in the business, we’re the name to trust. Have you been wondering where to find the best mulch?

We’ve got various mulch types for your garden’s health and beauty. Whether it’s garden mulch, organic mulch, or if you need delivery and installation, we have what you need. Our focus on satisfying customers and caring for the environment makes us stand out.

Ready to see how quality mulch can transform your yard? Let’s explore the benefits of choosing the right mulch for your landscaping.

Key Takeaways:

  • Choose Kurtz Bros Landscape Supply for the best quality mulch in Ohio
  • We offer a wide range of mulch options, including garden mulch and organic mulch
  • Our mulch delivery and installation services make it convenient for homeowners
  • Customer satisfaction and environmental responsibility are our top priorities
  • Discover the benefits of quality mulch and transform your landscape

Types of Mulch and Their Benefits

Mulch comes in many types, each with unique benefits. Kurtz Bros offers a wide selection for your landscaping. We are your go-to for quality mulch.

  • Colored mulch: It’s loved for the color it brings. With many shades available, you’ll find the perfect one for your lawn.
  • Mini pine nuggets bark mulch: For a natural appearance, choose this. Its slow breakdown means less often topping up.
  • Topsoil: This is great for patching up areas and balancing your garden. It’s key for strong, healthy plants.
  • Kids Karpet playground mulch: It’s made for playgrounds so that children can play safely.
  • Rubber mulch: A durable choice that also fights off weeds. It helps keep the soil moist.
  • Pine needles: In the Southeast, pine needles are a breeze to use and give a neat look.

Choosing your mulch wisely is vital for a great landscape. Kurtz Bros is ready to guide you to the best choice. With our knowledge and range, we’ve got all your mulching needs covered. Get in touch to transform your yard with premium mulch.

Where to Buy Mulch Near Me

Looking for top-quality mulch near you? Kurtz Bros Landscape Supply is a great choice. We have many locations across Ohio, so we’re close to you. Whether you want delivery or to pick up yourself, we can help.

Our mulch is known for its quality and affordability. We help you get the best value. Just visit our website or call us to find your nearest Kurtz Bros spot. Let us help make your garden look amazing with our great mulch.

At Kurtz Bros, we know getting the right mulch easily is key. That’s why we’ve placed our stores all over Ohio. No matter where you are, be it Cincinnati, Cleveland, or elsewhere, we’ve got you covered.

Our team is here to guide you and answer any questions. We offer many types of mulch, from natural to colored. Have your pick and make your garden shine with our help.

Prefer to have the mulch delivered? We can do that too. Our delivery is fast and dependable. It saves you from the hassle of moving heavy bags around.

If you’d rather pick up your mulch, we make it simple. Just check our website or call to find a nearby Kurtz Bros store. Our team is ready to make your visit smooth and easy.

When you choose us, you’re opting for the best in mulch. We choose our suppliers carefully and check our products thoroughly. Our drive for quality has earned us trust. We aim to delight you with your purchase every time.

So, why look elsewhere for mulch? Trust Kurtz Bros Landscape Supply for all your mulch needs. We offer quality, convenience, and great prices. Come see us and transform your outdoor space into something truly stunning.


Mulch is a must for any garden or landscape. It makes your outdoor area look nice. It also helps your plants and soil. At Kurtz Bros Landscape Supply, we know top-notch mulch is key to beautiful Landscapes. We offer a big variety of mulch to fit your needs.

Looking for garden or organic mulch? We have you covered. Homeowners in Ohio love our quality products. We aim to make your landscape a lush haven.

Don’t choose bad mulch for your garden. Pick Kurtz Bros Landscape Supply for the best. Let our premium mulch make your outdoor area shine. It helps your plants grow strong and healthy. Contact us to see our mulch selection and improve your garden today.


What types of mulch do you offer?

We have a big range of mulch at Kurtz Bros Landscape Supply. This includes garden, organic, colored, mini pine nuggets, topsoil, Kids Karpet for playgrounds, rubber, and pine needles.

What are the benefits of using mulch?

Mulch is great for plants and soil. It keeps moisture, stops weeds, controls soil temperature, and improves soil quality. It also helps stop soil from washing away and makes your garden look better.

Do you offer mulch delivery and installation services?

Yes, we do at Kurtz Bros. Just tell us what you need. Our team will make sure your mulch is delivered and installed correctly.

How can I find the nearest Kurtz Bros Landscape Supply location?

Go to our website or call us to find the nearest location. We have many spots in Ohio. It’s easy to find us wherever you are in the state.

Can I pick up the mulch myself?

Yes, picking up mulch yourself is an option. Just let us know. We’ll tell you how to get your mulch from the closest Kurtz Bros location.

What makes Kurtz Bros Landscape Supply the trusted choice for mulch?

We have been in the business for over 70 years and care a lot about our customers and nature. Our mulch is top-quality and priced well. You always get a good deal with us.
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