Winter Yard Work Safety

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The yard work you need to do during the winter is minimal, but there is definitely maintenance that should happen in order to keep your outdoor space in top condition. You may need to collect debris left behind by a storm, rewrap shrubs whose burlap coverings have come loose, shovel the walkways, or water certain plants. While you’re outdoors performing these tasks, keep in mind our tips for winter yard work safety.

Remember the Water Features

If your area gets a significant amount of snow and ice during the winter, water features such as ponds, pools, fountains, and streams may become covered. You might think you know where the edge is, but with a sheet of ice or a blanket of snow in place, those boundaries might not be exactly where you think they are. Accidental drownings of pets, children, and even adults can occur during the winter. Take precautions to mark the boundaries of water features and keep spaces clear for visibility and safety reasons.

Clean Up Tools and Shovels

A fresh snowfall can shroud sharp tools, shovels, rakes, and more under drifts. When you are out walking or doing yard work, you can trip over these items and hurt yourself. After every yard work session or shoveling session, take inventory of the supplies you used and make sure that you have collected them all and put them away in the shed or storage area.

Spread Salt on Icy Surfaces

Patios, driveways, walkways, and other areas of your outdoor space will become glazed over with ice during the winter. It’s important to add salt or sand to those areas if you plan to work on or near them, or if your family members or guests will be in those spaces. A fall on ice can cause physical harm ranging from minor bruises to concussions or even broken bones; so, take precautions and purchase special salts from Kurtz Bros. so you can maintain a safe outdoor area.

Be Aware of Your Body’s Needs

If the temperatures are below freezing, be sure to monitor your own comfort level and needs while you’re working outdoors. Whether you’re shoveling, walking the property to check for storm damage, scattering salt on walkways, or addressing lawn care needs, you might become so involved in your task that you don’t realize how cold you are getting. If your fingers, nose, toes, or ears are becoming numb, that’s a sign that you need to head indoors to warm up.

When you’re distracted by the cold, the weather, and your work, you might not remember to drink enough water. Keep in mind that the physical exertion and the time you’re spending outdoors take a toll on your body. It’s just as important to stay hydrated when doing winter yard work as it is during the summer.

If you need rakes, shovels, salt or other supplies for winter lawn care, visit the Kurtz Bros., website, where we have all the items you need to keep your outdoor area in prime condition, even through the winter!

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