Winterizing a Garden: What You Need to Know

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Now that you know how to plan and prepare for spring, you should also learn how crucial winterizing a garden is. You want to prep your garden for any extreme cold weather so that when spring does roll around, your garden is ready to flourish.

Winterizing a Garden Means Clearing Out Weeds

Before it begins to snow, make sure to take some time and take care of the dreaded tasks of removing weeds and dead plants from your property. We recommend removing them by hand and pulling them tightly to ensure the roots come out as well. Furthermore, this is also a perfect chance to survey your landscape for any invasive species. You should remove them like a weed but dispose of them in a tightly sealed bag so they don’t propagate. 

winterizing a garden

Use Landscape Fabric to Protect Your Plants Before a Freeze

You want to be as proactive as possible and protect your cherished trees, shrubs, bushes, and plants with fabric. Adding a layer of fabric around these plants will regulate the temperature around the plant and prevent them from freezing. You want to make sure the fabric is tightly secure to the soil to protect the plant’s root system. Try adding landscape staples to the bottom of the fabric and propping some weight on it to keep it secure. 

Bring Your Tropical and Sensitive Plants Indoor

In the late fall, you will want to collect your tropical or sensitive plants. Before bringing them indoors be sure to clean them thoroughly with water and quarantine them in a specific location to avoid bringing in unwanted outdoor pests. They will also do well in a greenhouse or enclosed patio area. If you have any bulbs, you may want to consider digging them out and securing them in a pot indoors throughout the winter months. 

Layer Some Extra Mulch

As previously discussed, you will want to protect your plant’s root systems. To further winterize your garden, try adding an extra layer of mulch over the soil. This will help regulate the temperature and add an extra layer of protection. This is especially true when coupled with landscape fabric jackets. Not only will the extra mulch provide insulation, but it will also help deter weeds so you have a garden clear of these issues in the springtime.

Winterize Your Garden with Kurtz Bros.,

 Kurtz Bros., has all the landscape materials to help protect your beloved plants in the wintertime. We can assist you in choosing the best mulch and landscape fabric to suit your needs! Contact us to learn more!

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