Wood Chips vs. Bark Mulch: Which to Use for my Garden

Jan 25, 2022 | Landscape Supply, Uncategorized

Both wood chips and bark mulch can improve soil quality, prevent weeds from growing, encourage soil to retain moisture, and reduce soil erosion. However, both options have distinct advantages over the other in certain scenarios and applications. Keep reading to discover the difference between wood chips vs. bark mulch and when to use each option. Kurtz Bros. is your go-to expert regarding landscaping care, so please contact us with any questions!

Wood Chips vs. Bark Mulch: Here’s the Basics

To understand which option will work best in a given application, you must first understand the differences between wood chips vs. bark mulch. Wood chips are small- to medium-sized pieces of wood that are cut or chipped from larger pieces of wood. They may be supplied from trees, stumps, roots, or wood waste. Typically, they are larger wood chunks than shredded mulch; the pieces are usually 1-2″ inches long and up to 3 inches across.

Meanwhile, bark mulch refers to tree bark that is usually more finely-shredded than wood chips.  They are typically spread on the soil surface as a protective top-dressing for gardens. Now that you can visualize the difference between these two products, let’s continue to explore the benefits of each material.

Benefits of Wood Chips

There are many potential benefits of wood chips vs. bark mulch. Consider the following:

  • Wood chips are bulkier and cover more land.
  • They are often low cost and readily available.
  • They may contain leaves or wood from different trees, so they are usually great for adding nutrients to soil.
  • Chips absorb moisture, helping to regulate soil and plant temperature.
  • They break down more slowly than bark mulch, often lasting for years.

Our wood chip mulch is available by foot or by cubic yard Super Sack

Benefits of Bark Mulch

At Kurtz Bros., we offer 100% tree bark mulch that offers consistent texture and appeal. Consider these benefits:

  • Available in a variety of options including double shred, triple shred, double shred Super Sack, and triple shred Super Sack.
  • Consistent texture and appeal provides beautiful ground cover while protecting your plants.
  • Better option for deterring weed growth.
  • Retaining soil moisture keeps plants healthier and hydrated.
  • Improving fertility and health of the soil by releasing essential nitrogen back into your soil for healthier, stronger root systems.
  • Enhancing the visual appeal of the area.

Wood Chips vs. Bark Mulch: Disadvantages to Consider

Now that we have covered the advantages of each material, there are always things to be cautious of when it comes to garden treatment. For example, chips tend to rot and decompose in harsh conditions, which can lead to plant decay. Meanwhile, you must be very careful when laying mulch. If you spread it over 2-3 inches thick, the mulch may overheat the soil and starve the plants of light and water. Considering all the positives and negatives of wood chips vs. bark mulch will help you determine which option is a better fit for your garden.

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Browse our wide selection of mulch now to find the perfect option for you. We are proud to offer an array of high quality, environmentally-friendly mulch options. Order now or contact us to learn which type would be perfect for your garden.

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