Your Ultimate Checklist for DIY Yard Projects

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Warmer weather will be here in a few short months, and you’re probably already planning your DIY yard projects for the spring and summer. If you’re hoping to take on some landscaping jobs or outdoor renovation projects yourself, you can start making a list of the supplies you’ll need to get the job done. Review our ultimate checklist, write down what you need, and start budgeting and ordering those must-have supplies for your spring and summer DIY yard projects.  

High-Quality Topsoil 

Almost any yard project will involve the use of soil, whether it’s to fill in new flowerbeds, repair sunken spots, or provide rich soil for new grass and plants. Explore nutrient-rich options like Kurtz Bros. bed mix or all-weather planting mix for your bushes and flowerbeds. The worm dirt topsoil, featuring pure worm castings, is ideal for ensuring a healthy garden or lush flowers. For filling in sunken areas, establishing your lawn, or multiple other uses, try the workable all-purpose topsoil or the Professional Blend Lawn and Garden Mix. 

Coverage or Base Materials 

Whether you’re constructing paver patios, retaining walls, artificial turf, or stone walks, crushed limestone serves well as a compactable base material. Select from finely ground #10 limestone, the pebbly #8 limestone, or the chunkier #411 or #57 limestone, depending on your needs.  

Kurtz Bros. also supplies various kinds of gravel, from larger gravel mixes that work well for bed edges and decorative purposes to multicolored pea gravel that’s perfect for walkways, play areas, paths, patios, pet runs, and other landscaping needs.  


If you don’t already have a selection of quality shovels, spades, and rakes, you’ll need to purchase some before you get started with your DIY project. Tampers, brooms, pruners, scoop forks, loppers, and shears are helpful as well. If you plan to do additional landscaping jobs or yard projects in the future, you may want to invest in larger gear like a measuring wheel, pump sprayer, or wheelbarrow. Check the Kurtz Bros. website to find durable, practical tools for your next project.  

Quick-Setting Concrete Mix 

Quikrete is a DIY landscaper’s friend. Grab a bag of Quikrete Commercial-Grade Permanent Blacktop Repair to fix cracks or potholes in your driveway or other paved areas. For pouring patios, walkways, or other concrete surfaces, you can use standard Quikrete concrete mix, which consists of the perfect, durable blend of gravel or stone, sand, and cement. To make your job easier, remember to order an aluminum concrete placer as well.  

A Waste Management Plan 

What are you going to do with all the broken branches from the winter, the old mulch you’ve scraped off the flowerbeds, and the sections of the dismantled shed that you’re replacing? First, check with your city or county about the policies for disposal of yard waste. If something can be re-used or recycled, you don’t want it to end up in a landfill. If you’re undertaking a large DIY yard project or replacing outbuildings on your property, you’re going to need a large roll-off container to handle that waste. Kurtz Bros. also has options for debris drop-off and demolition recycling, so make sure you check into those programs.  

Depending on your project, you may also need edging, stakes, and erosion control systems as well. For these and other essential supplies, check the Kurtz Bros. website or contact us anytime.  

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